Chicken On A Stick

June 30, 2011

Since one of my habits is to comb through recipes websites and books for ideas, my family is exposed to foods that many other are not. This isn't always a good thing.

I think that I’ve set the bar higher than any busy mom should. I mean, there are days when I think of how easy it would be to just rip open the cellophane on that TV dinner, right?

To counteract the urge to go to shelf stable foods, I work on having a list of easy things to cook, for the days when I am just not that into being chef. Putting food on sticks is the perfect answer. My kids might just eat anything if it is on a stick.  Who am I kidding? My husband is just as bad. He likes food on sticks as well. Here is my chicken on a stick recipe. It is as easy as it gets. Enjoy!

Chicken On A Stick

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Fun and just in time for summer grilling!