Celebrate Special Diets: 4th of July Recipe Roundup

July 1, 2011

With a growing number of people adhering to special diets, the days of standing awkwardly in the corner while dreaming about food are over! Whether you are raw, vegan, gluten free, or even a caveman, there is a 4th of July menu just for you. It's likely that these delicious recipes will change the minds of friends and family who think your diet is odd.

The Daily Green offers a variety of suggestions for having a healthy veggie 4th. Many of these recipes aren't gluten free, but can be made so with your favorite whole grain alternative flours.

Gluten Free
Elena's Pantry offers nourishing gluten free recipes from drinks and snacks to the main course and dessert.

Raw Vegan
With all the grills being fired up this weekend, it could be tough to be a raw food vegan. Fear not, these recipes from Sky Yoga, will bring much enjoyment to your taste buds and perhaps even your non-raw counterparts.

Since the 4th is a fire based holiday, it seems like a perfect match for those on the caveman diet. Clothes Make the Girl has shared a completed menu that would work for just about any crowd.


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Morgan 's picture

In honor of foodies everywhere I am starting the 3x5 diet. Just choose your meals accordingly to fit into 3 of these 5 categories.

1. Frugal
2. Beautiful
3. Calorie conscious
4. Sustainable or green
5. Delicious!

If you can't find a way to enjoy this diet, you must be a lizard.