YouTube Video - Depression Breakfast

July 10, 2011

I sit here with my eyes full of tears and my heart full of love for my grandmother. Please watch this sweet video of 93 year old Clara, as she makes sugar cookies and coffee, while talking about food during the depression.

My grandmother used to make me the exact same coffee when I was a child. I even remember the cups we used. Food is so much more than a feast for the stomach. Food is love.


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Cyndi's picture

I loved seeing this, my grandma is 92 and from Czech and I love her stories and the way the cooked. Thanks for sharing

Sparkly's picture

My grandmother had the same breakfast in the south as a child. Black coffee and biscuits or sugar-like bread. I think they added chicory to their coffe.

Sandy Abernathy's picture

Wonderful little story,reminds me of my Grandma,she used to pour the coffee in a bowl and dip toast in it. Thanks for sharing this!

Ali's picture

She is an amazing woman! I've been following her videos since last year and I love listening to her voice and watch her when she's cooking.