Use Social Media To Create Your Local Food Movement

July 11, 2011

Social media is in every corner of our lives, so why not put use its powers for good? After whining about feeling very alone in my desire to eat healthy, local foods, someone on Facebook invited me to join a local co op that was starting up. Long story short, within one week, we had well over 100 people who are customers, small farmers, and crafters, supplying both the product and a place to sell it.

Here are some tips for starting your own local food movement, using social media as your platform.

Post a call out for local food providers on your favorite SM platform- I find tweeting it and having that feed to my FB, for the least amount of effort.

Create a group of like-minded folks to connect supply with demand - we have moms who garden in a 3 foot square plot, others who bake, all the way up to a small local dairy farm who delivers product.

Keep checking in and updating - There is nothing more of a deathnell than leaving a group to do their own thing, without some direction. I find that posting links and asking what people are growing/harvesting at the moment, to keep the conversations fresh, is essential to keep people dropping in to take a look. 


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