Arancini Balls - Ever Heard Of Them?

July 24, 2011

Is there any recipe that we don't have at Foodista? I have found an interesting new food : Arancini Balls. Before you laugh, I saw these babies on Unique Eats tonight. Now, they are on this week's menu.

Arancini Balls are essentially a rice ball stuffed with something delicious and then rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. ~deep breath~ That might sound difficult, but really it is a bunch of simple steps. I will report back how this tastes and if the kids will eat them. 

Arancini Di Riso



Chef Alida's picture

My son used to make these a lot at the last restaurant he worked for. He'd fill them with soft-boiled egg, pork ragu, and I remember once he went the more Greek route with lamb/raisins/onions/mint. These are spectacular, especially as an appetizer with a glass of prosecco before a dinner of fish & steamed greens.

Amy Jeanroy's picture


I am furiously writing down these ideas!


Thanks so much for posting. Now I HAVE to try them. 



Joanne's picture

OMG...YES! These things are great! I was raised in the 60's in an Italian family, but had never tasted these delicious balls of delight until I was about 6 and I've never had them since. (I'm 54). My grandfather took me to his friends house. His friend was an old Italian man. He lived by himself, but he was expecting company later in the day. He made these rice balls for them and gave me some to try! They were so good that I couldn't stop eating them. I never knew what they were called but now that I do, I'm going to be making them!

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it reminds me of our stuffed rice ball rolled in sesame seeds and then fried.hmmmm.... delicious! i am from the philippines.

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This looks like a good version of the recipe, I'm Sicilian from Palermo and.this is one of our specialties..we don't use heavy cream though...and we use saffron in our risotto..I will try this version though..I'm curious to see if the heavy cream makes a difference! Thanks!