Wheatless Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas

July 27, 2011

Perfect in the heat, what's better than naturally gluten free & dairy free fajitas? Marinade chicken or steak, grill it up and serve with sizzling veggies for a super quick and easy dinner! The primary challenge here is finding a decent gluten free tortilla. Yes, you can use corn (just microwave them for a few seconds to soften 'em up) but they have a tendency not to hold up very well once they get soggy (aka after you add salsa or sour cream). While gluten free flour tortillas can be hard to come by, my personal favorite is La Tortilla All-Natural Gluten Free Teff Wraps (available at PCC in WA, Whole Foods & health food stores nationwide) - they're soft, edible without being cooked/fried/grilled and have a very mild (almost undetectable) taste!

Knock 'Em Dead Fajitas
Seriously, these are amazing. 

Chicken Fajitas
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