Vanilla Rainbow Bundt Cake

August 3, 2011

Blogger Chomps of Life was given the task of amusing her god sister so they decided to bake this cake.  The swirl of rainbow colors is pleasing to anyone's eye, especially a four year old.  If you are in need of an activity to do with your own child, this is a good one.  Or if your like me and you just think the cake is pretty, that's a good enough reason to bake it.  My only stipulation to this recipe is that I would use real butter instead of imitation butter.  I am a believer in using full fat all natural products.  This is a great project to do with kids or for yourself so go forward and bake!  For full recipe instructions, click the rainbow cake link above the ingredient list.

Rainbow Cake Recipe


3 cups cake flour

2 cups sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

2 teaspoon baking soda

1 1/4 teaspoons salt

1/2 cup shortening (I used non hydrogenated)

2 teaspoons vanilla

2 teaspoons imitation butter flavoring

1 1/3 cups water 

1/3 cup vegetable oil

3 large eggs

1-2 tsp each red, yellow, blue food coloring

For full recipe instructions, click here

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