Quick and Easy - Crepes

August 6, 2011

Despite the fact that crepes are served in high end eateries, they are perfect food to master for any home cook. 

Crepes are essentially a thin, egg-heavy pancake. You can buy a dedicated crepe pan and ladle, or do what I do, and use a nonstick or seasoned pan and gravy ladle.

What makes crepes magical is the fillings. Tonight, we had crepes with Greek style yogurt, apricot puree' and the last of our maple syrup.  

Crepes are my quick and easy choice for this week. Have them in  your recipe file, and  you can have dinner on the table in minutes. 

Check out some ideas for making and filling crepes from our recipe archives.

Basic Crepes

Cocoa Crepes

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Crepes with Beef Filling






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