Fried Butter on a Stick is Latest Fearsome Fair Food

August 10, 2011

The Iowa State Fair is infamous for its fried fare, and when it opens on Aug. 11, attendees can try a new item: fried butter on a stick. To create the heart-attack-inducing treat, one-eighth of a butter stick is coated in a thick cinnamon-filled batter. It's then fried for 3 minutes until the butter melts into the batter; just before it's served, it's topped with a sweet glaze.

KCCI compiled a televised report on the Iowa State Fair treat, from which I snagged the above screenshot. The channel disabled embedding on YouTube, however, so to see the fried butter on a stick in action, you'll have to click here.

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Erica Boberg's picture

Not 1/8th of a stick, 1/8th of a pound...that's half a stick!!

Katja's picture

How disgusting! Heart Attack on a stick would be a better fitting name. Yuck