125-Pound Cream Puff Certified World's Largest at the Wisconsin State Fair

August 12, 2011

The Wisconsin State Fair was the temporary home of this 125-pound cream puff, which was certified by Guinness World Records on Thursday as the largest sweet of its kind on the planet. A team of bakers used 15.5 gallons of cream to stuff the 7.5-inch-by-38-inch cream puff; unfortunately, however, the cream puff remained in the heat too long to be safely consumed by fairgoers.

"I am relieved that we did it and that it actually worked," said Tom Barger, the assistant manager of Original Cream Puff Bakery. For other artery-clogging fair fare, check out the fried butter on a stick that's being served at the Iowa State Fair and the 1,500-calorie Big Kahuna Donut Burger from the New York State Fair.

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