Planting A Fall Garden

August 15, 2011

Many of us think that fall means time to put the gardening tools away. The truth is, you can plant another garden for the fall harvest! This is the perfect opportunity to get out there and enjoy the slightly cooler temperatures. With less bug action, and a little less scalding daytime temps, working in the garden is not as difficult as it was a month ago. 

By planting new crops in August, you can plan on enjoying a harvest in September and October, even November with the wacky temperatures we have been having. 

For a fall garden, try planting things that can tolerate (and even thrive in) cooler temperatures. Some examples are peas, spinach, broccoli, and greens, radishes and beans. Plant these vegetables, knowing full well that not everything will finish growing. Don't let that stop you!

Usually,  we get a frost and then a few weeks of late summer heat, before the season takes a turn for cooler weather. You can cover a garden for one night if this is the case. Then you will have weeks of fall gardening ahead to continue to enjoy fresh produce. 

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