'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Winners Share Their Diet Secrets

August 16, 2011

Sisters Olivia Ward and Hannah Curlee are the latest winners of The Biggest Loser: Couples and they have both managed to maintain their new healthy lifestyles.

After leaving The Biggest Loser house and without the help of their trainers, keeping up with workouts and healthy eating is not an easy feat. But these two sisters have maintained their brand new bodies and have also learned that healthy eating doesn't always mean eating less.

“I used to get bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel and think that it was just a bagel," Ward says of her previous diet. "Now I love an egg white omelet made with vegetables, like asparagus and mushrooms, left over from the previous night’s dinner. You can eat healthy and still love what you’re putting in your mouth.”

Ward also says that she makes sure she orders healthily while eating out as well. “When I’m eating out I’ve become that person who asks the chef to hold the cheese, hold the dressing and please cook my meal without any butter, but I’m totally OK with doing that. I’m not going to throw away all the hard work I’ve done just because I’m afraid to ask the waitress to skip the blue cheese.”

Curlee's methods are a bit different, but seem to work perfectly for her needs. “When I’m hungry, I get mean. So I eat as much fiber as I can to stay full and satisfied. That stops me from grabbing pizza or a candy bar.”

It's great to see the sisters have managed to stay happy and healthy after leaving The Biggest Loser house!

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