Fran Drescher Fills her Diet with Organic Food

August 17, 2011

Fran Drescher opened up this week about her organic diet. As a cancer survivor, Drescher says she doesn't want to fill her body with any toxins.

"I think that the more toxins we put into our body, the harder it is for our body to have the kind of immune system that we need to prevent a host of diseases, including cancer. I try to help the situation out because 95% of all cancers are environmental," Drescher said. "What we bring into our home, what we put on our skin and what we put in our mouths is important when it comes to preventing cancer for you and your family.”

"Cut back on dairy and animal protein, and try and put as much organic in your meals. And try and eat as much whole food as possible," Drescher advises. 

The actress starts every day off with a bowl of organic fruit and makes sure to never miss a meal.

“The more often you eat, the more your metabolism stays working at a good clip, and the less often you eat, the slower your metabolism goes, so you’re better off eating six or eight small meals, constantly throughout the day, than skipping meals,” Drescher says. “I bring my own food into work. I don’t subject myself to the food that they feed you at work because it’s too fattening, too junky and probably not organic.”

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