TruFlavorWare Reusable Silverware Won't Irritate Chemotherapy Patients' Palates

August 23, 2011

The TruFlavorWare line of reusable silverware is a cutlery concept that may revolutionize the degree to which chemotherapy patients enjoy their food. Traditional silverware leaves a bitter taste in these patients' mouths due to the chemotherapy they've endured; plastic cutlery eliminates that taste but isn't elegant or earth-friendly. TruFlavorWare's non-metallic composition offers the perfect balance between the two.

"I knew how unpleasant it was trying to eat when all you can taste is metal or plastic, so I wanted to find a better solution," said TruFlavorWare inventor Don Ladanyi. His concept won the Cool Idea! Award by ProtoLabs, so we may see this reusable silverware sooner rather than later.

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