5 Lemony Limoncello Cocktails

August 27, 2011

Limoncello is Italian liquor made from steeping lemons in a neutral spirit like vodka.  If you want to make you own Limoncello, read this previous blog post.  For those of you with Limoncello ready to use, here are five refreshing cocktail recipes.

The Golden Falcon Cocktail
A fruity cocktail made with peach liquor, whiskey, limoncello, and apple juice.

Raspberry Limoncello Cocktails
Use frozen raspberries in place of ice cubes.

Triple Citrus Margarita
This margarita has the addition of limoncello for an extra citrusy kick.

Limon Sunrise
This beautiful orange cocktail is sweet and sour.

Sgroppino al Limone
A scoop of lemon sorbet is paired with sparkling wine and limoncello for an icy cocktail.


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