5 Vampire-Inspired Beverages

September 1, 2011

Halloween is just around the corner, but these vampire-inspired beverages are suitable year-round for fans of "True Blood," "Twilight," and other vampire-centric movies and television shows. From vampire water to vampire wine, this collection has beverages that'll take you from dawn to dusk.

1. Vamp H20: Even vampires need a break from blood to hydrate with plain water. Vamp H20 mountain spring water comes in one of three colors: blue, red and clear.

vampire beverages

2. Blood Energy Potion: This Blood Energy Potion has a fruit punch flavor and is packed with electrolytes, protein and iron -- just like real blood. Its resealable package channels the aesthetic of a blood transfusion bag, completing the illusion.

vampire beverages

3. Tru Blood Drink: This carbonated beverage is inspired by the synthetic blood nourishment beverage prominently featured on "True Blood" in every regard, from its bottle design to its appearance when poured; however, its blood orange flavor was tweaked to appeal to mortal palates. The tart and slightly sweet beverage is a must for fans of the vampire series.

vampire beverages

4. Vampire Vineyards: This Paso Robles vineyard used to import wine from Transylvania but chose to move its operations to Northern California. Its offerings include Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon, Dracula Syrah, Dracula Zinfandel, Vampire Pinot Noir, and Vampire Chardonnay.

vampire beverages

5. Trueblood Winery: This Santa Maria Valley micro-production winery produces small-batch wines under a label that's eerily similar to a certain HBO show. Its latest release is the Trueblood 2007 Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir, which was aged for 23 months in French oak barrels.

vampire beverages

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Fahad Khan's picture

Very interesting,we do not celebrate Halloween in India(Sad!),but tweeting this for my friends who live abroad.

Angela Watts's picture

Vampire wine is very decent. I preferred it when it was still imported, but the domestic isn't awful. Our local grocery store carries it every year and it goes on clearance after the holiday. At 12.49 a bottle we normally buy a couple even before it goes on sale.