Weirdest Competitive Drinking Game?

September 4, 2011

Masskrugstemmen translates loosely to "beer mug lifting" and holds an annual national championship in the United States. In the sport, competitors attempt to hold a full mug of beer straight in front of their body, parallel to the ground, for as long as possible. If you spill a drop, you're disqualified. 

The national championship will take place on September 17 in Central Park with the winner receiving "a trip for two to Munich, Germany, for three days (excluding Oktoberfest) to visit the original Hofbräuhaus.Including Round-Trip Airfare, Hotel Accommodation, guided tour at the Hofbräu Brewery and dinner at the Hofbräuhaus."

New York recently crowned one of their regional champions. Rogelio Juarez took home the title in Brooklyn after holding a mug of beer straight in front of his body for four minutes and forty-five seconds. He works at Fulton Street biergarten and told the Brooklyn Paper, “I only hold it for my job. I don’t practice.”

Juarez still has a ways to go if he wants to win. The national record is currently 10 minutes and thirty seconds. The world record is an incredible 19 minutes. Ouch! 

Take a look at the sport below. 


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