What Else To Buy With A 5 Dollar Food Budget

September 9, 2011

Now, you have rice, beans, flour and margarine. The next time you have a few dollars (5 dollars or less), buy a few more items for your pantry. Remember, you are buying things that are not fancy, but will feed you well. This time, buy the following with your 5 dollars: 

Another bag of flour - drugstores and dollar stores are starting to carry staples like this. Buy a bag, even if you haven't used up the first bag. Keep it tied tightly in the grocery bag that you carried it home in, to avoid any critters getting into it. 

Have a fridge? Buy eggs. They are complete protein and other essential nutrients that will satisfy your hunger. Without a refrigerator, your eggs will still keep fresh for days. Cook them for the next couple of meals if you are unsure. Eggs can be an inexpensive as a dollar when they are on sale.

Your big purchase for the pantry this week is going to be pasta. Buy as many bags as you can with whatever you have left over of the $5.00 bill, after buying another bag of flour and the eggs. A dollar store will have bags of pasta 2 for a dollar, so go searching. 

It has been a week since we started spending $5.00 to fill a pantry. You have purchased rice, beans, flour, and margarine. This week , buy more flour, eggs and pasta. Now, you are starting to see some food choices taking place. If you have no place to keep things cold, buy eggs and eat them for the next couple of meals with no problem. I have chickens, and leave my eggs on the counter at all times. Only my customers' eggs go in the fridge. Margarine should be kept out of sunlight (so it wont melt), but if left in a bowl with a lid of some sort, you can keep it at room temperature as well. 


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