David Beckham Cooks Surprise Romantic Dinners for Victoria

September 17, 2011

Baby Harper Seven is just nine weeks old, but she's already managed to rekindle the romance between Victoria and David Beckham. The celebrity soccer player has been cooking romantic dinners to surprise his fashion-designer wife, just as he used to when they were dating.

"He orders a pizza for the boys and then sends them to their rooms as he cooks," said a source of Beckham's newfound romantic side. "It's always healthy because that's how they both eat, but he goes all out with candles and red wine. He even puts on music. He'll do it on a random weeknight, just out of the blue, to surprise her."

The Beckhams have been married for 12 years and have four kids together -- including three boys -- but they've found a way to keep the romance in their relationship alive. Readers, do you ever surprise your significant other with a home-cooked meal?

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