Sunday Baking: Gluten Free Cake Pop Recipes

September 18, 2011

As most everyone is well aware, cake pops are all the rage these days! From Bakerella to Starbucks, they're everywhere -- and now, gluten free & allergy friendly! Here are 3 of my favorite allergy-safe cake pop recipes!

Quick and Easy GF Cake Pops
Using ingredients found in almost every grocery store, this quick and easy version is perfect for whipping up a batch of adorable cake pops in a pinch!

Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops
Devils Food cake + raspberry preserves = cake pop heaven!

Allergy Friendly Cake Pops
GF, dairy free & egg free (vegan), these cake pops are perfect for class parties, especially for classmates with food allergies!

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Dr. Len Schwartz's picture

nice treat for the kids!

To Your Success,

Dr. Len Schwartz
Pres/CEO of Pro2Pro Network

Alicia Cadet's picture

We have many requests for gluten free cake pops because of kids allergies. They are just as yummy!