5 Most Expensive Produce

September 19, 2011

Financially Fit complied a list of the priciest produce, based on industry averages, available in the grocery stores.  Robert Schueller, director of public relations for Melissa's, a specialty produce distributor says "many higher-priced items aren't demanded as much, often because they have been recently introduced into the U.S. and the public isn't educated about them yet. If bananas weren't the number-one fruit in America, we wouldn't be paying just 50 cents a pound or less for them."  Do you think we should pay this much for produce?  To read the full article, click here.

1.  Truffles: A foraged fungus that has an intense aroma and flavor (similar to garlic).

Price per pound:

White Truffles:  $2,200 - $6,000

Black Truffles:  $1,200 - $2,200

Amount per pound: 4 (based on a 4 oz. truffle)

2. Finger Limes: An elongated citrus fruit tasting of a mixture of lemon and lime.

Price per pound: $20

Amount per pound: 40

3. Fresh Porcini Mushrooms: Mostly found dried, fresh porcini mushrooms are prized for their woody flavor.

Price per pound: $16

Amount per pound: Depends on weight; porcinis can vary from 3 oz. to 10 oz. each

4. Rambutans: A common fruit found in Asia that is related to lychees.  It has a hairy red exterior with a swwet and slightly acidic flavor.

Price per pound: $11 to $12

Amount per pound: 6 to 10

5. Bhut Jolokia: This chili pepper was the world's hottest pepper in 2007 according to the Guinness World Records.

Price per pound: $10 to $12

Amount per pound: 10 to 12

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