Mushroom Madness - 6 Must Try Gluten Free Recipes

September 29, 2011

Wrap up National Mushroom Month with a selection of the most munchable (gluten free!) mushroom recipes around! A perfect vegetarian alternative to meat in many recipes, mushrooms are rich, meaty and full of flavor! Dried and rehydrated for soups and stews, or used fresh, there are so many different varities of mushrooms, each with its own unique flavor or texture: portabello, white button, cremini, oyster, shitake, morel, and of course, the king of mushrooms: truffles! From soups and tarts to traditional risotto and a classic dish reinvented, here are 6 must-try gluten free recipes to broaden your culinary horizons and celebrate your favorite fungi!

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
Why buy canned soup when you can make it at home? The rich and complex flavors of wild mushroom varietals are perfectly complimented by a simple yet flavorful broth! Be sure to use cornstarch (half the amount) or GF flour to thicken the broth in this recipe.

Wild Rice Risotto
This naturally gluten free recipe is an Italian classic.

Easy Herb-Stuffed Mushrooms
From the ever-fabulous Elana Amsterdam, these gluten free appetizers are bite sized bits of deliciousness!

Sauteed Mushrooms, Bacon and Lentils
A simple twist on a classic Spanish tapas recipe, this dish is perfect for autumn, winter and all year round!

Mushroom Wellington
Every time I visit Cafe Flora in Seattle, I drool over this dish -- and now I can make it (gluten free!) at home! Tripped up by the gluten free puff pastry? Try this recipe.

Mushroom Tartlets with Artichoke Pesto
Homemade artichoke pesto, mascarpone cheese and your favorite combination of mushrooms make for a super simple, flavorful dish! Be sure to check out the gluten free puff pastry recipe (above)


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