Weird Wednesday Links: 2-Cent Walmart Lawsuits, Models Eating Spaghetti and Space Invader Cake Molds

October 5, 2011

Happy Weird Wednesday! Check out the top food links fit to share below.

Mary Bach recently sued Walmart for a price discrepancy of $.02 and won $100 in damages and $80 in court costs. [FindLaw]

Model Lindsay Wixon defies the notion of anorexic models with her latest photo shoots for Vogue Japan and Purple, in which she's depicted chowing down on a plate of spaghetti. [Fashionista]

Wineries are hoping to grow their digital marketing saturation with a new trick: QR codes on wine bottles. Will it work? [Wine Spectator]

Women who dine with men eat less than when they eat with other women. Do I smell the next fad diet plan? [NPR]

Space Invaders fans can make their own nerdy themed cakes anytime they please with this mold. [Perpetual Kid]

Pregnant women who eat a healthy diet give their babies a better chance against birth defects. [Wall Street Journal]

Even after tipping a female server $5,000 over the weekend in West Hollywood, Sean Parker is still just the Napster guy made famous by Justin Timberlake in "Social Network." [Gawker]

C.J. Wilson of the Texas Rangers dishes on his favorite foods. [The Epi-Log]

How does a rapper Lil Wayne ring in his 29th birthday? With a $400,000 watch and a birthday cake, of course, courtesy of Birdman. [AndPop]

These Salt and Pepper magic wand shakers let you pretend you're Glinda the Good Witch each time you season a dish. [Perpetual Kid]

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