Kristin Cavallari Gives Diet Tips

October 19, 2011

Kristin Cavallari says she is all about sticking to a consistent diet and makes sure to never skip a meal. But, the Dancing with the Stars cast-off also says not to ignore your cravings.

“Don’t be too strict, because that’s when you binge eat. You have to give into temptation here and there, that’s what life is all about," Cavallari said.

The reality star hit the town this past weekend and forgot all about her diet.

“I ate everything! I ate this thing called a 'Butter Cake' from Mastro’s last night at like midnight. Which was a really bad idea. I had penne a la vodka last night, which I don’t typically order a bowl of pasta, I really just let loose this weekend.”

During her brief time on Dancing with the Stars Cavallari was eating all the time because of the amount of energy she exuded during rehearsals.

“During dancing I was always eating and snacking. I’m a big breakfast fan and I feel like you have to keep eating throughout the day because otherwise your metabolism will slow down.”

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