Strangest Diet Strategy Ever

October 20, 2011

Would you ever consider putting on 70 pounds in six months just to show people you could lose that weight in six more? That's exactly what one man, Drew Manning, attempts to do. Since he started his goal earlier this year, he has gained 70 pounds and plans to start taking that off on November 5. 

Through his site, fit2fat2fit, you can following him every step of the way. Manning writes of his plan, "My diet will be unrestricted and I will refrain from any exercise during my fat stage. I plan on putting on around 50-60 pounds. After those 6 months, I will be teaching people how to get back in shape by allowing everyone to follow my specific meal plans and workout plans on this site."

In order to put on the weight, Manning has been eating "sugary cereal, soda, chips, white bread, white pasta, pizza, cakes, cookies, muffins" without exercising. 

What do you think of this experiment? 

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PlatypusGuitar's picture

Hes a dumbass. He will infuriate all the people who have been fat a really long time by demonstrating that its ''easy'' to lose weight.

Eve's picture

What a stupid unhealthy stunt!

Eve's picture

What a stupid unhealthy stunt!