Kate Winslet is Not a Crash Dieter

October 21, 2011

Kate Winslet recently opened up about the pressures of living the Hollywood lifestyle and maintaining her figure.

"I am not a twig - and refuse to be a twig. I would like young girls who are screwed up about their bodies to think that it's possible to have a healthy shape," Winslet said. "Everyone gets a bit screwed up about themselves, physically, when you're growing up."

When it comes to her diet, Winslet said she is not a fan of diet trends.

"I don't do crash diets or eat fish rather than meat and salads until they come out of my ears."

While she does work out to stay healthy, the actress admits that she sometimes feels insecure about her figure. "I do exercise, with plenty of swimming, but never feel that I have the figure of a Hollywood actress."


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