5 Best Baked Alaska Recipes + GFCF

October 25, 2011

Baked Alaska (or Bombe Alaska if you choose to flambé) is a classic all-American ice cream dessert with a rich history and jaw-dropping presentation! Cake, ice cream, meringue, booze, fire and American history all combine to create this delightful dessert. Created by Delmonico's Restaurant in 1876 to celebrate the newly acquired Alaskan Territory, Baked Alaska has become an increasingly popular dessert. While the original "Baked" Alaska was not a flambé - and thus, the Bombe Alaska was born -- simple splash with dark rum, brandy or Gran Marnier and set alight!. Bon Apetit!

Gluten free? Simply use your favorite gluten free cake or pound cake recipe!

Milk/Dairy free? Use sorbet instead of ice cream for a dairy free option!

Quick & Easy Baked Alaska
This super simple version covers all the basics!

Fresh Peach Baked Alaska
Using a half-peach instead of cake, this naturally gluten free version is also perfect for summer!

Layered "Spumoni" Baked Alaska
Using different flavors of ice cream and a chocolate meringue mixture, this recipe is 100% retro and amazingly impressive!

Pumpkin Pistachio Baked Alaska
The perfect dessert for autumn entertaining! Whether an elegant Thanksgiving gathering, festive Christmas celebration or an unforgettable New Year's Eve, this dessert will make your soiree more than memorable!

Dairy Free Baked Alaska
Using lemon sorbet and lemon-poppyseed cake as the base, this dairy-free version is cool and refreshing!

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