Jean Francois De Witte Creates Incredible Culinary Art

October 31, 2011

This meaty supercar is just one of Jean Francois De Witte's many incredible culinary art pieces. The digital artist turns an eggplant into a glass of wed wine, a block of blue cheese into a train, and a waffle iron into a typewriter.

Check out another of his masterpieces below.

jean francois de witte

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francoise laskar's picture

I know him pretty well because I'm the food stylist who worked on, almost, all his food shots! We did such a lot of amazing jobs together! (
I like so much what I did with him that I decided to propose one of our picture to be the "symbol" of the new fantastic and innovative Master in Food Design we will launch in January at the Royal Academy in Fine Arts of Brussels, Belgium. Please have a look: . We're waiting for you there in the heart of Europe!!!