Cute Candy Cutie

November 5, 2011

At the craft show today, a dear friend (and amazing cook), Elaine Dobish, of Dobish Gardens & Orchard, brought over two of these adorable candy cuties. Let me tell you, when that woman comes to a craft show or farmers market, the line wraps around the block for her amazing treats! I thought this was so sweet that I didn't let my hungry teen open it until I had gotten home to take a picture for you. 

It is made from 9 slices of orange slices candy, wrapped in saran wrap, with a tiny bit of green floral tape and flower, holding the whole thing together. Genius! Clearly, Mrs. Dobish has a ton more patience than I do. 

I am still trying to pry her famous popcorn cake recipe from her recipe files. Four years and no luck yet.  

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