Celebrity Trainer Bob Greene says 'Don't Give Up Fat'

November 6, 2011

Bob Greene has been the trainer for Oprah and is the man behind The Best Life, a health and fitness brand. The celebrity trainer has teamed up with Philips to provide people tips for how to handle this weekend's Daylight Savings time change in a healthy way. One of his tips is to remember to keep fat in your diet.

"Don't give up fat. A diet that's moderate in fat can help you lose weight and keep it off because it's more satisfying than a low-fat diet," Greene says. "Opt for mainly healthy fats, found in foods like olive oil, avocados and nuts and cut back on red meat, cream, whole and two percent milk. These foods are all sources of saturated fat, which is unhealthy when consumed in excess. I'd also suggest removing the skin from all poultry, another source of saturated fat."

Greene also suggests challenging yourself in your workouts by increasing your treadmill incline instead of the speed. The trainer also says getting some sunlight, either natural or simulated, can help keep your energy up.


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