Best Ever Cookie Decorating Tutorial

November 30, 2011

"The best ever, eh?" Yes. Really. SugarBelle's video tutorials walk you through the many potential pitfalls of piping, flooding, outlining and more. Using Royal Icing and these nifty videos, you can absolutely achieve the the glassy smooth surfaces and crisp, clean lines that are the hallmark of professionally-frosted straight-from-the-bakery sugar cookies (like the gorgeous ones by DoughPunchers, seen above!). From flooding and outlining to piping and filling, SugarBelle has you covered! Her videos act as the sugary sensei in your quest to become a cookie decorating ninja.


Click here to check out more of SugarBelle's amazing Cookie Decorating Video Tutorial and be sure to visit DoughPuncher's Etsy Shop to see an amazing gallery of decorating designs and ideas!

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Click on the photos below to see their Etsy pages!

holly sugar cookise

snowflake sugar cookies 

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