2 Bizarre Trends in Wine

December 8, 2011

The New York Times recently looked at two new trends in the wine business. 

1) Wine in Cans: Apparently, an increasing number of wineries have begun canning their products for the wine drinker on the go. One example is Infinite Monkey Theorem, an urban winery in Colorado. A California winery called Flasq has also embraced cans. Francis Ford Coppola Winery was apparently the first American winery to can their product in 2004. Why the sudden rise in popularity? "Hipsters love it," said one wine seller. 

2) Rude Wine Names: With more than 120,000 label applications filed each year, wineries must continually fight for their space in an increasingly crowded market. Hence winery names like "Ball Buster," "Stench," "Royal Bitch" and "BigAss Red." One of the biggest success story is a French wine named Fat Bastard. In 2004, more than 425,000 cases of the wine were being imported. That said, the Times' critic thinks the names are "rude."