Perfect Bourbon and Coffee for Breakfast

December 11, 2011

When you experiment with cocktails, sometimes the most interesting ones are the ones least explored.  This is never more evident than using really fabulous coffee from NYC's Ninth Street Espresso and hand-made Bourbon Whiskey from St. George in Alameda, California.  Alameda?  What do they know about Bourbon Whiskey in California?

Plenty.  The distillers find their way down to Kentucky and hand select the barrels they want to use to age their own uniquely styled Bourbon Whiskey.  They call it plundering.  You will call it delicious.  I'm pretty sure you can find Breaking and Entering Bourbon around the land. 

If not, try the kind folks at CASK in San Francisco.  They are on the web and I've done a bit of business with them in the past with friendly and fantastic results. 

This Breaking and Entering Bourbon was just made for your snifter or better yet, your coffee cup on a cold winter morning.


Tasting Notes on the Bourbon: Maple syrup gives way to brooding alcohol and dried citrus fruits.  Sweet vanilla and pain grille on the nose.  Maybe it was the coffee brewing in the background, but I swear I smell freshly ground coffee in the nose!


First, grind some coffee.

Next, add to a Melitta Ceramic filter holder.

Pre-heat your mug with boiling water.

Add two cubes of La Perruche Sugar. Brown color, in chunks are my desire!


Add one shot of Breaking and Entering Bourbon.

Add one medicine dropper of Bitter End Mexican Mole' Bitters.

Pour boiling water over the top of the coffee and let rest for a minute or two, then pour more water over the grounds.

Adjust sweetening to your taste- add an extra shot if you want to get ripped.

Enjoy your morning coffee in a new way!

I used Ninth Street Espresso from New York City's Chelsea Market.  It was a Mexican blend.  Went marvelously with the Breaking and Entering Bourbon!





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Sounds fantastic. I'll have to try that.