A Month On An Organic Farm: Chickens and Eggs

January 11, 2012

As my month on an organic farm began, my first duties were to tend to the chickens. I pulled on my (newly purchased) boots and visited all the chickens on Finnriver Farm, feeding them and collecting their eggs. All of the different shades of color and spotting that the eggs had were quite astonishing, especially when you are used to endless cartons of all-white eggs. This is due to each breed of chicken laying differently colored eggs. Even more astonishing was that some of them were still warm. What a feeling to gather such incredibly fresh eggs!

Gathering eggs.

Feeding the chickens was pretty exciting too. If you ever feel lonely or attention deprived, I recommend a steady regiment of chicken-feeding. You will not want for companionship or feel neglected. Well, until you're out of food.


Feeding Chickens

The next part was even better: cooking and eating the eggs. Friday I'll show you what I came up with, solely from ingredients on the farm.



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