Anthony Bourdain Weighs in on Paula Deen Diabetes Diagnosis

January 17, 2012

Back in August, we reported on Anthony Bourdain's feud with Paula Deen -- you know, the one in which he called her "the worst, most-dangerous-to-America cook on the Food Network" -- and the cantankerous "No Reservations" host recently revealed his thoughts on Deen's diabetes diagnosis. Speaking with, Bourdain said, "I feel bad [for Deen]. But this entire weekend people have been calling looking for quotes. I guess it's a moderate interest. I mean, how long has she known?"

"She's been looking for ways to position herself," Bourdain posited. "Is she really going to be selling the cure now? Or will she back off for a decent interval? I take no pleasure in it. There ain't nothing funny about diabetes."

Anthony Bourdain also wondered how long Paula Deen has been "cheerfully" preparing her butter-laden signature dishes knowing that she has Type 2 diabetes, adding, "It's in bad taste, if nothing else."

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Lizzie's picture

Butter does not cause diabetes.

Sandi Connor's picture

Perhaps Anthony Bourdain also feels that someone who has Hypertension should lay off swine? Or beef? Or Foie GRAS? Hypocrite!

Jimsinthekitchen's picture

"Anthony Bourdain Weighs in on Paula Deen Diabetes Diagnosis" "weighs in" -- really?

AK's picture

But too much butter causes obesity, which does lead to diabetes. Bourdain maybe an unabashed a-hole but he's right.