BEST YET Absinthe Cocktail-Don't Call Me by: Warren Bobrow

January 28, 2012

The Don't Call Me cocktail has only one thing to say.   Don't call me.

It is woven from Lovage.  What is Lovage?  Well, it kind of tastes like Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray.  What?  Hey, get a can and try a Dr. Brown's, then you know what Lovage tastes like.

Lovage Syrup.  Or Love-ache syrup is the base syrup for this fireball of a cocktail that weaves Bulldog Gin, Tenneyson Absinthe and Perrier Lemon with Bitter End Curry Bitters, Lovage Syrup and Cardamom Clove Syrup from Royal Rose


The Don't Call Me Cocktail

Anton, over at P&H Soda sent me six bottles of soda magic the other day.  Lovage, Lovage, running through my brain.  Like the famous song, you take Sally and I'll take Sue, there ain't no difference between the two.  Absinthe.. Running all around my brain. That and Bulldog Gin.  Mmmmm.  Royal Rose is responsible for the Cardamom-Clove syrup.  Then Bitter End Bitters with their fire driven Curry Bitters.  Bulldog Gin for their botanicals and the Tenneyson Absinthe for the healthy 106 proof heat and mysterious properties.

Why do I get myself into so much trouble?  

This is a fantastic way to lose an entire afternoon.  The Don't Call Me part?  Well, I think that speaks for itself. 

From Wiko-pedia:

The name 'lovage' is from "love-ache", ache being a medieval name for parsley; this is a folk-etymological corruption of the older French name levesche, from late Latin levisticum, in turn thought to be a corruption of the earlier Latin ligusticum, "of Liguria" (northwest Italy), where the herb was grown extensively.[10] In modern botanical usage, both Latin forms are now used, for different, but closely related genera, with Levisticum for (culinary) Lovage, and Ligusticum for Scots Lovage, a similar species from northern Europe, and related species.[5][10] In Germany and Holland, one of the common names of Lovage is Maggikraut (German) or Maggiplant (Dutch) because the plant's taste is reminiscent of Maggi soup seasoning. Italian levistico, French livèche, Romanian leuştean, Hungarian lestyán, Russian любисток lyubistok, etc. In Bulgaria it is known as девесил deveseel. The Czech name is libeček, and the Polish name is lubczyk, both meaning 'love herb'. The name in Swedish is libbsticka. The official German name is Liebstöckel, literally 'love sticklet'.[11]

Sure, you can mix this cocktail without the Lovage syrup or the Royal Rose, but I must insist that you use Absinthe- your choice- Tenneyson or Nouvelle Orleans- or even St. George come to mind.  My mouth begins to salivate thinking about all the flavors available to me from the liquor cabinet.  Bulldog Gin is my choice, but you can use the Gin of your choice.  What you feel is the best for these purposes. 

Ingredients for two extremely enlightening cocktails:  And if anyone calls, just say the magic words...' Don't Call Me!'

3 Shots of Tenneyson Absinthe (or your choice)  I'm rather fond of the Nouvelle Orleans and the St. George- they all are unique and offer different flavor profiles to the careful drinker.

Absinthe I'm on record as saying is the razor's edge between lucid dreaming and insanity.  Be careful.  This drink is for two interesting drinkers- if you want to drink this alone, the latter may find you.

1 Shot Bulldog Gin

1 Tablespoon Royal Rose Cardamom Syrup

2 Tablespoons P&H Lovage Syrup

1 shot freshly squeezed lime juice *strained*

Perrier Lemon

Bitter End Curry Bitters  (exactly two drops in each cocktail)


To a cocktail shaker fill 1/2 with ice

Add the liquors, then the syrups and the lime juice


Strain into rocks glasses with ice.  Top with Perrier Lemon

Add exactly two drops of the Bitter End Curry Bitters to finish and garnish with a hunk of lime!


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Best article yet ! On my way to buy my "Don't call Me '" set up ...Cheers !!!

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I have a habit to drink beer after anything and that could be scary - don't call me :))