Screen Actors Guild Awards Menu has Something for Everyone

January 29, 2012

Tonight at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, celebrities will be celebrating their feats in television and film while feasting on a dinner catered by James Beard and Suzanne Goin. 

The dinner menu consists of slow-roasted salmon with yellow beets, spicy carrot salad and raita; grilled chicken breast with black rice, pea shoots and tangerine vinaigrette; and roasted root vegetables with quinoa and persimmon salsa. 

For the vegetarians in the crowd, the chefs will be serving spicy carrot salad with yellow beets, cucumber and black mustard seeds; roasted root vegetables with quinoa and persimmon salsa; and black rice salad with English peas, pea shoots and tangerine vinaigrette. 

The Screen Actors Guild Awards will air tonight at 8 PM EST on TNT and TBS. 

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