Presidential Chef Focuses on Seasonal Eating

February 2, 2012

Presidential chef Cristeta Comerford says the White House has made some major changes since the Obamas moved in and credits the First Lady's garden on the South Lawn.

"The White House kitchen has evolved tremendously in a positive way, having a garden out there," Comerford said. "It really has focused me on reworking my menu based on seasonality." 

Thanks to the new garden that grows spinach, collard greens and kale, the White House has a new focus on seasonal cooking. The South Lawn garden is equipped with indoor structures that allow vegetables to grow and stay fresh during the winter. 

"It's really garden-driven more than anything," Comerford said. "The vegetable doesn't just become a companion anymore. The protein is a star, but the vegetable is the star as well."

In fact, the new healthy meals being served in the White House has helped Comerford lose 15 pounds. 


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