Sage Banana Smoothie

February 17, 2012


I love to toast up fresh sage in a little olive oil and toss it into my favorite salads. It is also delicious in my favorite Corn Quinoa Burger.  And most recently, I have been enjoying it in my morning breakfast smoothie.

Banana Sage Smoothie

Serving Size: 1 (200 calories)



1 cup water

4 fresh sage leaves

1/2 avocado, peeled and pitted

1/2 banana, frozen

1/8th TEAspoon Stevia


Better-for-you ingredients

Learn more about the better-for-you ingredients in this recipe:

* SageSage has been embraced for many centuries to help treat ailments of aging. It is also embraced for its cleansing and purification properties.


Bring 1 cup of water to a boil and then add 3 sage leaves. Let the sage water brew for 5 minutes. Remove the leaves. Place sage water in your fridge to cool prior to using.

Combine the chilled sage water along with the avocado, banana, Stevia and one thinly sliced sage leaf into a good powerful blender until smooth and creamy. Thin with water or thicken with ice if desired. Enjoy!

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Wow, this is really delicious.