How Does Social Media Define Your Relationship With Food?

March 7, 2012

Social media is dramatically reshaping Americans' relationship with food, according to a new study. Rather than learning about food from our parents, nearly half of us turn instead to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and 40 percent turn to blogs, apps and websites. Today's consumers also increasingly research others' opinions as they decide how to stock their pantry or prepare their dinner.

Social media has even transcended the online realm, according to Laurie Demeritt, the president and COO of The Hartman Group. Nearly half of millennials, for example, use social media while drinking or eating at home. "The 'table for one' rarely exists anymore, even among single people eating alone at home," she explained. "If you are eating alone, chances are you are also texting friends who live miles away or posting food photos to a review site."

The study was conducted by Publicis Consultants USA and The Hartman Group. Read more of its findings here.

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