McDonald's Eco Friendly Coffee Cups

March 23, 2012

McDonalds is taking another step towards an eco-friendly stance. They have announced the testing of a prototype paper cup that can be recycled. The new style cup, will also have a double layer to insulate against burns, and other than the material they are made from, doesn't appear to look much different from the cups they are already using.

These new environmentally friendly cups will be tested in 2000 restaurants worldwide, over 100 of them in the US alone. 

For more information, check out As You Sow, an activist group that "strives to increase corporate accountability."

What do you think? Is McDonalds making a meaningful effort to reduce their carbon footprint? 

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Krystyna's picture

If they're so concerned about the environment, they should either stop selling factory farmed meat or shut the doors.

Amy Jeanroy's picture

Not a fan of McDonalds myself, but they are making somewhat of an effort-even if it is profit (consumer) driven and not because they think it is the right thing to do.
McD's is a leader in the fast food industry. If they say jump, soon all the other fast food places start to jump.
They were the catalyst for a speck more room in the factory egg business -as a farmer, to me the amount of room is still appalling, but there was a change made across the entire industry.

They also are going to be adding a wee bit more room to the confinement pork farming-again, still appalling but it is a win, because McD's requested that their pork producers do so.
Since 1990, McD's has switched over from poly-packaging and searching for a more environmentally friendly form. Still evolving in that area, but at least they are not ignoring the facts and focusing solely on their bottom line.

Look, I don't like the food, I am also NOT believing for a moment that McD's would make any of these changes, if they hadn't run the numbers and found that the consumer wants them. Our dollars are McD's biggest concern. The result of them listening to what we want and trying to stay on top of the latest food whims of the general publis, is that there have been positive changes made.


Cuisinart Coffee Machine's picture

Well, McDo is making a big step to cooperate with saving the Earth.