Joel Salatin Brings It To The Table

April 23, 2012

In a recent editorial piece in the New York Times, James McWilliams tries to create a laundry list of reasons  to show that sustainable farming is fraught with negatives. 

Well known sustainable farmer and advocate, Joel Salatin took the time to issue a rebuttal. He first posted it on his Facebook page, where it continued to be discussed and posted all over the internet. 

As the Sustainable Editor, and a small farmer myself, I (Amy) wanted to be certain that the Foodista readers would have a chance to read Mr. Salatin's response in it's entirety. 

The article: To the New York Times and everyone interested in truth

What makes his words especially powerful, is not how eloquently he comes across (If there is one thing that is for certain about Joel Salatin, he does not speak to impress. He speaks to inform). Mr. Salatin talks about actually working a sustainable farm. His experience and the experiences of others who continue to work towards sustainability, are proof that large scale factory farming is not the only way, should not be the only way, and are causing far more harm than good-no matter how glossy the ads are. 


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