Courtney Love Has Unusual Eating Habits

May 7, 2012

Courtney Love recently shared her typical food week and revealed that the rocker's diet isn't exactly what you would call 'normal.'

"I'm not a foodie, but I am a foodie. Someone always gets chicken potpie and salad from D.D., you know, Dean & Deluca," she said, referring to an expensive online gourmet food service. "If I can't afford D.D., I just don't eat."

Love also revealed that she often craves sweet treats during the wee hours of the morning and is making sure her staff knows it. 

"Literally called an admin meeting on how to make the perfect warm sugar cookie for me in the middle of the night," Love said. "I stopped doing dope in the nineties, but I've had to eat sweets at 4 or 5 a.m. ever since." 

Oh, and Love hates chocolate. Apparently that is one thing she had in common with Kurt Cobain. To see the rest of Love's food diary, click here

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