If you eat organically, when not drink that way too?

May 17, 2012

Rain Organics, a division of the famed Sazerac Company out of New Orleans has fashioned a delicious corn based Vodka.

I don't usually cover the flavored Vodka category in the spirits world.  My reviews mimic the spirits that I enjoy drinking for pleasure.  My reviews usually are about Rum, Gin, Scotch, Bourbon and liqueurs.  Never flavored Vodka.

If I don't care for the taste of a specific spirit, it would be highly unlikely that I would want to write about it.

Eau de Vie is something that I truly enjoy. There is something haunting about the aromatics of fruits when rendered to their most intensely reduced state.

I suppose the same holds true for cucumbers or limes.  And as an added bonus, I'm always seeking organic and even Biodynamic spirits to review. 

Even if the product just happens to be a "flavored" Vodka.

I'm not usually a flavored Vodka kind of guy.


Enter Rain Organics.  This all natural corn distillate is certified organic.  Which means they don't use anything GMO. (Genetically Modified) 

They cannot!

There is that little seal right there on the back label that says very clearly, USDA Organic.  This means everything to me.  And why not? 

We eat organically, why should the liquors we drink be any less important?

The Rain Organics Cucumber, Lime Vodka is a thing of rare beauty.  I adore it on the rocks with a big sprig of mint, freshly picked from the garden. 

The spicy aromatics of the mint, coupled with the slightly sweet purity of the cucumber with a hit of fresh lime juice is captivating in a glass.

And in my twisted, cocktail whispering fashion I twisted this drink up a bit. 

I've been making infused ice by using filtered spring water from the Mavea water system.  The already sweet well water takes on a new dimension of flavor when filtered through the Mavea.  I'm a fan.

Then if this is not enough, I add about 5 drops of Bitter End Thai Bitters to my filtered water ice cubes.  Concentrated wisps of flavor reveal themselves while the ice melts. 

As a final tip of the hat to flavor, I added the friendly, yet mysterious flavor of Royal Rose Simple Syrup of Rose

This Middle Eastern scented syrup is just marvelous when mixed with mint, cucumber and lime juice. 

Rain Organic Vodka is the vehicle, the Royal Rose syrup is the turbocharger.  The Bitters are what hits the road, sending you to another land in the blink of an eye.

Blink of an Eye Cocktail

Serves two soon to be quite numb friends... Danger level 4 out of 5.


4 Shots Rain Organic Vodka of Cucumber and Lime

4 Tablespoons of Royal Rose Simple Syrup of Rose

10 drops of Bitter End Thai Bitters or an ice cube tray filled with infused Bitter End Ice Cubes

1 European Cucumber, peeled and cut into coins

The freshest Kentucky Mint that you can touch

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Tenneyson Absinthe (for the wash)


In a cocktail mixing glass, muddle several cucumber coins with some sprigs of mint

Add ice to the glass, about 1/4 filled

Add the four shots of  Rain Organics Vodka

Add the simple syrup of Rose

Add ten drops of Bitter End Thai Bitters to the mixer ( or freeze a tray of filtered Spring Water ice cubes with about 5 drops of the bitters into each ice cube)

Shake until the mixing glass is quite frozen

Fill some tall glasses with 1/2 shot of Tenneyson Absinthe along with ice and water to chill.  This is your Absinthe Wash.  Pour out the Absinthe and the water when quite cold

Pour the Vodka mixture into your chilled tall glasses filled 1/2 way with ice or use the Bitter End infused ice cubes- at the same measure

Top with Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water for an crisp and refreshing finish!