Tasting Portuguese Olive Oil

May 19, 2012

During a tasting of Portuguese olive oil from Esporão, held at a restaurant in Évora, Portugal, it was interesting to note the similarity between tasting and talking about olive oil and wine. Fernando Coucelo from Esporão explained, "[We] are approaching olive oils the same way we approach the wines, [producing] mono-varietals and blends." We sampled two oils made from single olive types (the Cordovil and Galega) and two blends (the DOP Moura and the Selecção). The Cordovil had a fresh-cut grass smell and a touch of sweetness while the Galega had a lot of green apple and almond notes. And, like a wine artfully blended from two distinct grapes, the DOP Moura combined the best of both olives. The Selecção, a selection of the best olives, was unfiltered and the richest oil of the four we sampled.

tasting portuguese olive oil

I asked Fernando, pictured above at dinner, if there was, like wine stemware, special glasses for tasting olive oil. I think part of me was joking a bit but, to my surprise, they do exist. Small, balloon-shaped glasses that are blue (to keep you from being influenced by the color) are employed. Here's what one looks like:

tasting portuguese olive oil

Some glasses will have a lid on them as well; otherwise, you put your hand over the top of the glass as you swirl to trap the aromas, then remove your hand and inhale deeply.  Maybe I have a future as an olive oil sommelier?

Olive oils tasted while on a press trip to Portugal sponsored by Esporão, who invited me as a guest. Main photo of oils in cool tasting bowls shot at the winery.

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