Modernist Cuisine Releases Cookbook for Home Cooks

May 30, 2012

Last year, Nathan Myhrvold published his six volume tome on molecular gastronomy, Modernist Cuisine: The Art of Science and Cooking.  However, this in-depth analysis on the future of cooking was not geared towards the home cook.  In October, Myhryold and Maxime Bilet are releasing Modernist Cuisine at Home, a 456-page cookbook containing 400 recipes and all the essential information that every home cook should know.  Included are useful kitchen tips like how to test the accuracy of a thermometer, how to cook steak and fish perfectly, how to deep fry foods without using a deep fryer, and more.  Modernist Cuisine at Home is priced at $140 and is available for pre-order on Amazon (very reasonable compared to the 50 pound $625 collection).  For a sneak preview, visit the Modernist Cuisine website.



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