Aviation Gin with a Twist

June 7, 2012

Aviation Gin from House Spirits in Portland, Oregon is a slippery visit into your a twisted afternoon.  You're not quite sure if the Aviation Gin is talking or if the glass you are drinking it out of suddenly turned into your long lost old friend.

Whatever the case may be, I love a glass of Aviation for what it has the potential to become. 

Aviation is just gorgeous in a glass with ice. 

I used an antique Waterford crystal snifter.

Added a large square cube from Williams-Sonoma.  (if you don't use large cubes, this is the time to start!)

Chill a portion of Aviation Gin in a cocktail shaker with a couple cubes of ice.

I also added to this drink a small portion of the most unusual Cachaca, from the only female owned Cachaca distillery in Brazil. 

This sensuous slurp is named Avua.  The expression that I used is called Amburana after the type of wood that is used to age the Cachaca

I'm quite fond of all things that say Brazil.  As a boy- my parents took me to Brazil for a month.  It had a lasting effect on me.

Pour over a LARGE square cube of ice in your favorite crystal glass.

Inhale the cream soda and citrus tinged aroma.  Sure you can garnish this glass of Aviation Gin and ice however you like.

Simplicity is the key! 

Add a sprig of Basil as your twist!

With a bit of Cachaca? 

Lovely stuff.

Gorgeous in fact.