Meatless Monday Wine Pairing: Pad See Ew with Tofu and Vegetables

June 11, 2012

With oyster sauce, yellow soy bean paste, black soy sauce, and a lot more, this Pad See Ew With Tofu and Vegetables makes for a challenging Meatless Monday Wine Pairing. With all these deep, earthy flavors, a wine with some earthiness would be ideal. Try a Pinot Noir. I like examples from Burgundy and Oregon, but I wouldn't go crazy on an expensive bottle. And with a kick from a splash of Sriracha, chill the bottle slightly to help tame the heat. Really any lighter-style, unoaked red would work quite well.

If you want to go in another direction and choose a white wine, I think one with a little sweetness (like Riesling) would be a fine match. With so many salty components in this dish, some sweetness helps balance all those flavors.

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