Jessica Gomes Follows a Low-Carb Diet

June 15, 2012

Supermodel Jessica Gomes has one very simple rule when it comes to her diet -- keep the carbs to a minimum. 

"With food, I just have one rule; I try and stay away from breads and pastas! Other than that, I eat everything!" Gomes said. "I follow the Paleo diet (also knows as The Cavewoman Diet) which works really well for me. Anything that can swim, run, or is grown from the ground is allowed on the diet." 

Gomes has also tried a plant-based diet, but it didn't work with her busy schedule. 

"I've tried being a vegan and following a raw foods diet, but none of these are sustainable when you travel a lot. At least now, I have tons of options no matter where I am." 

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