Jennifer Aniston Drinks Super Smoothie Once a Week

June 20, 2012

One of Jennifer Aniston's fitness secrets is a super smoothie she drinks once a week, all day long. 

"The drink is made up of fresh, organic vegetables," a source said. "Beetroot, cucumbers, spinach, garlic, carrots, celery and kale." 

Jennifer Aniston's Smoothie Recipe

6 organic cucumbers
3 large organic beets
2 bunches of spinach
1 bunch of organic kale
1 bunch of organic carrots
1 stick of celery

Fresh garlic and ginger

Mix the vegetables in a juicer. Add cayenne pepper or parsley if you want the smoothie to taste like vegetable soup. Refrigerate in a glass (not plastic). 

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Laura's picture this a juice or a smoothie? Juice done in juicer, smoothies are made with a Vitamix or blender.....??????